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Sheraton San Diego, Hotel & Marina
March 25-27, 2016
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Anime Conji

San Diego March 25-27, 2016   @ Sheraton Hotel & Marina   Register Now
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AC - Black Friday for Social
Announcing Black Friday Special for Anime Conji 2016!

Introducing a Black Friday Special for Anime Conji 2016 Save on your 3-day badge by getting it during Black Friday for only $30! (That’s $5 off the current price.) read more

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Anime Club Summit

At the Anime Club Summit, we invite high schools, colleges, and university students to bring their school pride and represent their anime clubs while attending Anime Conji.

General Info

The Venue:

Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina 1380 Harbor Island Dr
San Diego, CA 92101
Rates and other information for the Sheraton Hotel & Marina and the surrounding area.
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